What will education look like after COVID-19?

Parentapps Team

Education will undoubtedly look different after COVID – it already looks different. From social distancing measures to implementing new procedures to keep staff and children safe. Although this period has been stressful for everyone across the country, some changes could be made for the better.

It’s impossible to predict the future, as we’ve all witnessed, but general predictions can be made from this process so far. Will mental health and wellbeing take a front seat in schools for both staff and pupils? Will we appreciate the smaller things in life – even if it’s just for a few months?

A higher appreciation for teachers

Alongside other key workers, teachers have managed to continue with a brave face for students and parents across the nation. Parents realised quite quickly that homeschooling their children was a hard task – they doff their caps immediately to teachers who manage to teach a classroom full of children – when managing our own proved challenging! 

Teachers adapted quickly to deliver online learning and offer support to parents who felt overwhelmed and stressed throughout the lockdown. Teachers still turned up every day, with many on a rota basis, to plan a coronavirus exit strategy and continuing in-school teaching for the children of key workers.

A higher appreciation for teachers should continue and, you never know, you might see fewer parental complaints!

Extra student support will be needed

The effect of the pandemic on students could be significant. Without being able to interact as usual with extended family members and friends for such a long period – it’s essential schools and parents go some way to minimise the impact on their wellbeing. Whether that’s informing parents of useful strategies or implementing them into the school setting, we all must discuss this openly with pupils.

The Mental Health Foundation share actionable tips; including acknowledging that it’s OK to feel concerned, how to find the balance in consuming news stories and informing them of the facts, but also offer them safety. Being open and discussing the pandemic honestly can help offer children an outlet and a safe place to share and discuss their feelings.

Schools have welcomed digital transformation

At Parentapps, we’ve noticed that schools have already started adapting their communication from in-person to virtual. This could be a long-term change made by schools. Reducing contact by traditional letters and consent forms, to pushing them out through digital communication apps, can help the school maintain that all-important communication channel with parents. The approach doesn’t compromise social distancing, or, waste unnecessary paper and resources. 

Digital communication hasn’t just enabled schools to communicate with parents effectively, but it has helped them to assign and manage homework and other tasks through digital portals. Schools are learning the importance of effortless digital communication and the joys of having a dashboard where parents and teachers can login remotely.

This digital shift means that UK schools can manage absence reports, consent forms and parental communication in one place.


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