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St John Vianney Primary School

St Bartholomews Primary School

St Mary’s Primary School

Our Lady Immaculate

Prescot Primary School

St Vincent De Paul Primary

Pleasant Street Primary

Kirkby C of E Primary

I can see great uses for this app among schools and nurseries everywhere because it taps into the latest technology and keeps that communication between the school and its parents going beyond the quick hello and goodbye at the beginning and end of the school day.

Alix Bedford, Business Manager
Orchard Day Nursery

A means of regular communication and we've been able to gather views or information from parents by designing surveys or forms. The fact that you can send out letters etc is a great help and it has helped us to stay in touch with parents and carers very efficiently.

Kay Goodwin, Headteacher
Hallwood Park Primary School & Nursery

I just wanted to say that, without doubt, our Parentapps purchase has been the best spend we have made as a school. I shudder to think how we would have managed without it during these unusual times!

Kirsten Bird, School Business Manager
Bowker Vale Primary

I never thought this would be how we had so many people switched on. We've managed to do a great job, getting people on. I don't know how we would have coped.

Catherine Stretton, Headteacher
Spinney Hill Primary School

Just wanted to let you know that one of our teachers has just been to me to say how efficient Parentapps have been with the support we have received. Everything we have emailed over has been dealt with and the staff have all been really helpful.

Ann Ellinson, School Business Manager
Kensington Primary

As you will know, we were late to the party here with Parentapps, only joining properly in September, but up to now it's been fantastic for us, delighted to be on board, and will look forward to all the new developments next year!

Kerry Waldron, School Business Manager
St Austins

This year has been crazy for all of us but knowing we have great support at the end of the phone or just an email away makes our job just that bit easier!

From Gill, Jane and Gill, Admin team

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