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Our Parentapps Connect platform and mobile app enables schools and Multi-Academy Trusts to improve parental engagement, reduce costs & save time.


Trustworthy, secure school payments.

Improve your daily finance processes with our in-app payments system. A trustworthy service proven to manage catering and parental payment processes, letting schools build confidence, and at the same time, save money. Go cashless now and let go of time-consuming admin processes.


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We offer a bespoke website design service including photography and promotional videos. Our websites are simple to use and fully ofsted compliant.

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School Apps to enable Parent communication

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Bespoke ofsted compliant website design

Award winning Promotional Videos

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Parentapps Payment System

Who we are.

Parentapps is an award-winning education technology company. Founded by 2 parents we are passionate about helping schools and nurseries improve their parental engagement, reduce costs and save time. 

We understand the challenges faced in communicating with parents in this modern age, so we have made it really SIMPLE with the use of school apps. Many schools and nurseries are using ineffective, time-consuming and expensive systems and we are dedicated to helping change that. We work with clients across the UK and abroad, in helping them streamline their communication, reduce costs and build meaningful relationships with parents.

Our simple to use platform and mobile app enables schools and nurseries to easily invite parents to activate their account. Once registered, parents can receive all of their information directly to their smart phone. No more searching for information online or crumpled up letters in the bottom of their children’s bag.

We are the UK’s leading Parental Engagement Experts and offer a complete solution including school apps, website design, booking systems, online payments, photography, promotional videos and much more…..

Parental engagement made easy.

Benefits for schools

Save Time & Money

Parentapps can help save multi-academy trusts, schools & nurseries thousands of pounds a year by replacing expensive text messaging services and reducing printing costs, by enabling communication with parents directly through our parent communication app and websites.

Improve Parental Engagement

Our parent app and websites have helped hundreds of schools improve parental engagement, which greatly improves school to parent relationships.

Improve Safeguarding

Send secure messages and content directly to your parents. Messages and content can be targeted to years, classes, groups and individuals. Our secure on-boarding process improves safeguarding and ensures only invited parents have access.

Go Paperless

Deliver all of your letters, consent forms and surveys electronically. You will never need to print off another piece of paper again. Not only will it save time and money but will also help reduce your carbon footprint and make your school greener!

Client Satisfaction Guaranteed.

We continually survey our clients, so we can continue to improve our products and services.


Would recommend Parentapps.


Find the support team to be helpful and responsive.


Say the school app provides value for money.

Client testimonials.

Watch the video testimonials below of our Happy Customers who are currently using our School Apps and website platforms.

St Anthony’s Catholic Primary School

St Bartholomews Primary School

St John Vianney Primary School

I can see great uses for this app among schools and nurseries everywhere because it taps into the latest technology and keeps that communication between the school and its parents going beyond the quick hello and goodbye at the beginning and end of the school day.

Alix Bedford, Business Manager
Orchard Day Nursery

A means of regular communication and we've been able to gather views or information from parents by designing surveys or forms. The fact that you can send out letters etc is a great help and it has helped us to stay in touch with parents and carers very efficiently.

Kay Goodwin, Headteacher
Hallwood Park Primary School & Nursery

I just wanted to say that, without doubt, our Parentapps purchase has been the best spend we have made as a school. I shudder to think how we would have managed without it during these unusual times!

Kirsten Bird, School Business Manager
Bowker Vale Primary

I never thought this would be how we had so many people switched on. We've managed to do a great job, getting people on. I don't know how we would have coped.

Catherine Stretton, Headteacher
Spinney Hill Primary School

Just wanted to let you know that one of our teachers has just been to me to say how efficient Parentapps have been with the support we have received. Everything we have emailed over has been dealt with and the staff have all been really helpful.

Ann Ellinson, School Business Manager
Kensington Primary

As you will know, we were late to the party here with Parentapps, only joining properly in September, but up to now it's been fantastic for us, delighted to be on board, and will look forward to all the new developments next year!

Kerry Waldron, School Business Manager
St Austins

This year has been crazy for all of us but knowing we have great support at the end of the phone or just an email away makes our job just that bit easier!

From Gill, Jane and Gill, Admin team

School Apps Improve Communication

Our school apps are not just indispensable for schools, they make a huge difference to parents as well. Communication has gone up a level in recent years with developments in technology such as 5G and smartphones.

Gone are the days of sending out letters to parents or searching around for their contact details. Our school apps have a host of features that help your school communicate effectively with parents. potential to improve engagement. Many parents who have downloaded their school’s app have found themselves taking greater interest and getting involved more in other aspects of their children’s education.

Not only do our school apps improve communication for schools, but they also bring parents into the community at a deeper level than before.

Ease of Download

Parents can easily download our school app onto their smartphone and tablet and have access to important information in just a few seconds. The app puts them in direct and permanent contact with the school, keeping them up-to-date at all times.

Instant Messaging

The school can send push notifications if needed – to tell parents about new events, remind them of school policies and procedures or tell them that the school needs to close early because of bad weather.

Multiple Features

Parents can use the school app to update their details without having to call through to the admin department. They can quickly access information such as timetabling details, book breakfast and after school clubs for their children and even report sickness and absence.

If your school has run an event like a sports day, parents can access images and video from it.

Contacting Teachers through a School App

Being able to message classroom teachers is also another useful function of our dedicated school app. It allows parents to feel part of the process and has the potential to improve engagement. Many parents who have downloaded their school’s app have found themselves taking greater interest and getting involved more in other aspects of their children’s education.

Not only do our school apps improve communication for schools, but they also bring parents into the community at a deeper level than before.

Let's talk about how we can help you improve parental engagement.