A virtual
like no other.

Virtual Reality, Google Earth, Zoom meetings… we’re all used to doing things virtually now and adding the option of a virtual tour of your school gives prospective parents the opportunity to see your grounds from the comfort of their own home.

Using 360 degree photos, virtual imaging and videos we can create a complete tour through your school grounds, enabling parents to picture themselves walking down your corridors and going from your classrooms, to your hall, through to the playground.

Promote your
school or trust.

After spending the past year having to adapt and provide virtual options, you may now be looking to continue to provide a more blended approach of face-to-face and virtual events. This is hugely beneficial to working parents and carers who may have struggled previously to attend events like open days.

Your virtual tour will give a complete overview of your grounds and facilities so parents and carers can make an informed choice when selecting which school they would like their child to attend. It also gives new school starters a chance to familiarise themselves with your grounds and start the new year with added confidence.

Staff & Student Interviews

Add a personal touch by getting your staff and students to talk through their experiences at your school. This will  really enable prospective parents, students and staff to get a feel of life at your school

School Promo Video

Capture the culture and ethos of your school with a tailored promotional video. You could include a message from your headteacher, show current students enjoying your facilities and give parents an insight into the lives of your students as they watch your school campus in action.

Drone Footage

Capture the entirety of your grounds with high-resolution drone footage. Get that birds eye view of your campus and surrounding areas in one sleek shot from the sky.

3D Technology

Create 3D models of your space with our all-in-one platform Matterport, which will transform your building into an immersive digital model. Images taken will be converted into 3D models that your users can click into and explore.

Captivate your audience by transporting them through your corridors and around your buildings, using high quality imagery, aerial photography and interactive hotspots to emphasise key areas of your school facilities.


Give prospective parents the opportunity explore your grounds


Allow new school starters to familiarise themselves with your classrooms


Enable viewers to walk virtually through your corridors and see what you have to offer

What people say about us

Don’t just take our word for it, see how Parentapps is helping other schools improve parental engagement.

St Mark’s Primary School

Working with Parentapps has been a really positive experience for us. We would recommend them to any school looking to improve their communication with parents.

St John Vianney
Since launching our app and website we have seen an improvement in our School’s communication. Parentapps were great to work with and the whole process was really straightforward.
Holy Trinity

Parentapps provide a friendly and mystery free service. Customising and updating your App couldn’t be easier. A great first step into the world of Apps. Thank you!