There are all sorts of reasons you don’t get the response you want when you hold a school activity. Either parents didn’t get the information in the first place or it arrived too late for them to change their plans. Perhaps a parent just forgot to check in with what was happening on your website.

Here are just some of the common excuses that parents have and why a school app is such a great solution:

Didn’t Check the Website: Many schools depend on parents checking their website which is okay as long as they remember to do it. Much better is if you have a school app that sends them immediate notifications and directs them to the website or provides the information they need. With everyone having a mobile phone nowadays it’s the perfect solution for making sure updates get noticed.

I Didn’t Get the Letter: Many schools also still send out printed information or letters. Changing your communications to digital is so much better. Letters can get lost or put out the way unopened. Notifications appear on mobile devices and can be repeated if necessary for no extra cost.

We Lost Our Password: It’s common, if you have a parental portal, for passwords to be forgotten or mislaid. With a phone app, you’re always logged in and parents don’t have to worry about inputting a particular code or password.

Language Issues: There are plenty of parents who don’t have English as their first language and communication can be difficult. The great thing about dedicated school apps is that you can produce the information automatically in a variety of languages with universal translators – making sure all parents get the information they need.

I’ve Just Been Too Busy to Find Out What’s Going On: Parents are busier than they have ever been. Most families have both parents who are working, often in busy jobs which means they have to attend meetings and events over the course of their day. Notifications are the perfect way for them to be kept up to date without having to do anything themselves.

We Altered Our Details: Text and other forms of digital communication often involve having certain personal details. With a school app, people just have to download the program to their mobile phone or tablet, input their initial password and that’s it. Notifications are available and you don’t have to worry about having the wrong address details on file.

For school administrators and head teachers, it’s always a problem to keep in contact with parents and ensure everyone is informed. Not only does a mobile school app allow you to do this easily, it also cuts down the costs and administration time.

Organisations such as Ofsted pay special attention to areas like parent communication and this is one way that a school app can really help. Not only that, it is often a more cost effective way to communicate with parents compared to traditional email, website text and even written letters. If you want to be able to keep your parents up to date, then this is the perfect solution to avoid them missing out on future events.