The need for two-way communication in schools

Do you feel like your current parental communication strategy is as effective as it could be?

Communication is so important, which has easily been highlighted by the last year or so as the world battled a new virus. Governmental procedures changed quickly, sometimes overnight, which put a strain on school admin teams. This was all on top of sourcing adequate PPE, signage and more, on an already tight budget, which was tricky.

COVID highlighted the importance of clear and instant communication for all schools.


If you had access to a platform that facilitates controlled and instantaneous two-way communication, it could transform your school comms for the better. (For both parents and school staff.)


Your current communication processes are ineffective 

Let’s say you send out a message to all parents in a particular year group about a school event. You press send, breathe a sigh of relief — you’re able to tick off some of your ‘to do’ list. 

But parents have questions about the event — the phone rings off the hook, and your generic school office email gets bombarded with questions — inbound communication is firing on all cylinders.

Is this because parents don’t have access to a clear communication channel? They’re contacting you the only way they know how. And all of a sudden, your other tasks for the day get further away as you sift through emails and respond to phone calls.

This wastes admin time — time that could be spent elsewhere. So what if you could find a solution? What if you could streamline your communication and receive direct messages from parents when it suits you?

How controlled two-way communication can improve school processes

Over the past year, it’s evident that parents wanted answers to COVID-related questions — namely, how the school had set up a safe environment for their children. But more questions mean more admin resources under strain.

At Parentapps, we’ve been speaking to our customers throughout COVID to learn more about how we can help them achieve their parental engagement and communication goals.

First, we delivered the Homework Hub, which enabled schools to assign homework tasks online for parents to download and re-upload once complete. It reduced in-person contact, supported online learning, and kept parents in the loop with school work. 

But recently, it’s become clear that teachers and school staff need a solution to help streamline parental communication further. And that’s why our development team has created a two-way communication app. 


  • Enable/disable parent ability to respond with a handy toggle
  • View messages in a familiar user experience platform 
  • Increase personal interaction with all parents when required


Having access to two-way communication means you can take back control of your external comms strategy. The two-way comms toggle means you can decide which messages your parents can directly respond to. It opens a line of communication.

There’s no more cluttering your inbox with parental questions. Instead, parents can directly message whoever sent the communication — whether it’s the headteacher, school admin staff or a class teacher. Communication becomes easier to manage, and parents can talk directly to the person who sent the communication.

The messages are displayed in a WhatsApp-like conversation format. A format that’s easy to use and has a familiar user design. 

Our new app helps schools foster a feedback environment. Helping you build sustainable comms strategies for both current and prospective parents.

Our next generation app is delighting schools and their student’s families. See how we can help your school too.