The best educational programmes on Netflix for kids

We’re in lockdown 2.0, and it’s coming into winter – what a great excuse to curl up and watch Netflix… or stream it into your classroom! 

There are some fantastic educational shows on Netflix right now; we’ve shared a mixture of programmes for both younger and older school-aged children.

Don’t forget; these are just recommendations; you should assess the suitability of each show before streaming it for your children.


Netflix shows for younger children


Watching a fun educational show can brighten up your child’s day. It’s something for them to look forward to and an opportunity to continue learning even when they’re not actively engaged in school work.


We’ve gathered our top three picks: 


The Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About That

Perfect if your child is already a fan of the books, this show follows two 6-year-olds who travel the world with the Cat in the Hat character is their tour guide. The programme aims to help improve children’s literacy and science knowledge through fun adventures.


If I Were an Animal

If your kids love animals and nature documentaries in general, this show could be right up their alley. Each episode covers a variety of animals. The series begins with an introduction to cheetahs, Great Pyrenees, foxes and other animals. With animal footage and voiceovers led by children, it’s a great series to get stuck into.


Sid the Science Kid

A funny and exciting programme for young children, Sid the Science Kid answers questions about, you guessed it, science! He takes children on a journey learning about learning how to measure objects bigger than your ruler to using a magnifying glass for the first time.


Netflix shows for older children


As children get older, it’s essential to make them aware of a life outside of the school environment. We’ve gathered some of our favourite educational Netflix UK programmes for you to check out below:


David Attenborough: A Life on Our Planet

Released earlier this year, A Life on Our Planet sees David Attenborough recount his wildlife experiences over his 93 years. After visiting every continent on Earth, David talks about humanity’s impact on the Earth and what the future holds for its occupants. This is an eye-opening educational documentary, perfect for starting a discussion about climate change in your home.


Explained is a fascinating series talking about a different topic each episode. Topics include the gender pay gap, astrology, extraterrestrial life, and cryptocurrency – and the best thing? The episodes range from just 15 to 20 minutes each. Your child can learn all about a new topic in a short space of time, opening up a discussion in your classroom or at home.

World War II in Colour
This breathtaking historical documentary series brings the most dramatic scenes from World War II to its audience in full HD colour. The documentary takes you through the events of World War II and shares unseen archive footage. There are ten episodes in total, all 51 minutes long.


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