Many schools are still using website design that was created five or even ten years ago. Most experts agree that any business or organisation should be looking to review or refresh and update their online presence at least once every three years as technology moves on.

The issue that most schools have, of course, is that they need to justify spending on a new website.

At Parent Apps, we’ve been working hard to add to our services. We now deliver high quality school website design and hosting that will not only transform the look of your site and help it stand out but can be achieved for a relatively low cost compared to other design companies.

Developing a new website gives you the chance to review what you already have and look at ways of making your user experience better. That can include options such as changing the look and feel of your design while also making the site easier to navigate for visitors.

A great website works as a useful tool for parents, teachers and pupils. You can create login areas where certain information is available and put in measures to increase engagement with all users. If you want to help your site really stand out, this is a good place to start.

There’s no doubt that improving communication and engagement is high up on the list nowadays. The good news is that there have been major changes in website design in the last few years. You can create interesting and dynamic sites that really say something about your school and it needn’t cost the earth. Excellent templates and access to strong design talent is one of the major things that has changed in recent times.

Just like our school apps, only five or six years ago you would need to spend a lot of money and time and development to get a website off the ground. With elegant templates that are easy to use and cost-effective hosting services, you can now have the kind of website that most major corporations only enjoyed in the past.

As with anything online, look and style are important but they’re not the only components of good web design. How users come onto your site and engage with it and how you can improve accessibility are all vital. Being able to view a site on a range of smart devices, including mobile phones is something that all new websites need to have.  Get it right and you can create an environment that promotes your school and what it stands for while delivering everything parents and pupils are really looking for.

If you haven’t updated your school website design in a while, then now is probably an appropriate time to have a review. At Parent Apps, we have a range of design styles and hosting options available that can really make a difference. We’ll even build you a demo site, free of charge so that you can have a look at what we can deliver.

Contact our professional team today to find out more about our great school website design and hosting options.