School Apps for Parents

Before technological advances it was challenging for schools to communicate with the parents of pupils en masse. Until very recently even with the progression of the Internet, school communication had improved vastly but still left a lot to be desired.




With the introduction of mobile applications came a solution. Schools can now within seconds communicate a message out to every parent with a smart phone. Research from 2019 found that 79% of UK adults owned a smartphone and this percentage will inevitably be higher for adults aged between 25 – 55.

School apps offer a great deal more than a mere messaging system, they can offer parents at the touch of a button:

  • Access to documents, newsletters, policies and Ofsted reports
  • Provide important dates such as parents evening and inset days
  • The ability to view current/upcoming planned school meals
  • Booking forms meaning parents can register their child(ren) on excursions and courses etc.

Having this means of communication with a school can provide the parents of pupils with real peace of mind, knowing that they can be contacted immediately should there ever be an issue or matter that requires their attention. In addition to peace of mind parents can also feel far more organised and ‘in touch’ with the school due to this impressive means of communication.

In addition to having access to your child(ren)’s school through their own custom built app, there are many more very useful mobile applications which offer solutions to a wide range of issues for parents. We have compiled some of our best apps.


Best Apps for Parents 


  • Sleep Pillow Sounds: Being a parent isn’t stress free or easy, this app guarantees you a good night sleep!
  • Smart ICE4 Family: The first iPhone app that will talk for a patient when they can’t. The smart-ICE application allows the owner to record a message with the most critical medical information that plays immediately upon opening or at the push of a “PLAY’ button.
  • Skype: Not only will you be able to keep in touch with your child(ren) via their smartphone you will also be able to see where they are!
  • Find my Friends: Or in this case, family! Every parent will worry about their child’s safety, particularly when they enter their teenage years. This app allows you to see the location of your child(ren’s) smart phone so you can verify where they are should you be concerned.
  • Notability: Being a parent is hard work; there’s a lot of things to remember! With Notability users are able to make notes while researching, sketch ideas, mark up photos, record lectures, provide audio feedback and much more.
  • Shift Planning Calendar: A great app should you or your partner work shifts. Use this app to plan your weeks or months in advance and allow other family members to know when you’re working.


Best School Apps for Kids 


  • MyHomework Student Planner: Track your classes, homework, tests and assignments. Even if your child is super organised this app can assist even further to ensure they keep on top of and manage their workload.
  • Brainscape Smart Flashcards: Whether you’re learning a language, preparing for a test, or looking for some fun trivia this app provides your brain with the correct level of repetition for YOU depending on your needs. This app can be a great feature over long periods away from school such as the summer holidays to ensure that student minds remains razor sharp!
  • Hours Time Tracking: Being a student is hard work with lots of different subjects to revise for, coursework that needs completing and extra-curricular activities, so managing your time can be challenging. With this great app you can plan and keep on top of your time management.
  • The IQ Test (free edition): IQ levels have been an indicator of intelligence for many years; test yourself and increase your score! “Don’t be fooled, these simple questions can captivate you until your brain is humming. Decide if your skill is numerical, verbal or spatial.” – The Telegraph
  • Learn Spanish 24/7: Whether you’re looking to get a head start or brush up on your language skills this great app can help.


Best School Apps for Teachers

  • TeacherKit: Over a million teachers worldwide are using TeacherKit to help with managing their time and activities. Create a seating chart, record attendance, log behaviour, and track grades all with a few taps. TeacherKit lifts the headache of routine administration, allowing you to focus on what really matters to you – teaching.
  • TED Talks: Having a bad day? Need motivation or inspiration? These short, inspiring videos which are frequently updated can give you the motivation to get the most out of your day.
  • Chalk Screecher!: Any teacher worth their salt will remember the famous Sister Act scene when Whoopi Goldberg captures everyone’s attention with her nails on a chalkboard. This app will save your nails and still get the attention of the class.
  • School Countdown App: How many teachers count down to their next break? Unfortunately, at the end of the school year the countdown begins for your return to school; you may want to deactivate this feature though!
  • TES Digital: Keep your finger on the pulse with the latest news and changes in education. You’ll also have full access to their growing CPD Library which already contains 20+ titles. Should you be looking to further your career the app will allow you to see upcoming vacancies.

School App Design


Parentapps create custom built school apps which will mirror the design of your organisations branding. Our team of developers can create a stunning mobile app for your school which will provide solutions to a wide range of communication issues and offer many more advantages. Check out our testimonials to see what teachers thought.

Parentapps provide visually stunning apps that will provide your school with the features it needs to enable effective communication which is a key requirement of Ofsted. In fact, schools that have been rated outstanding by Ofsted have had a close interaction with parents with effective communication and administration. Having a school app built by the team at Parentapps will enable your school to tick these boxes and impress even the strictest of inspectors.


App Statistics:


  1. 57% of all digital media usage comes from mobile apps.
  2. 49% of people open an app 11+ times a day.
  3. 21% of millennials open an app 50+ times a day. 
  4. The average smartphone owner uses 30 apps each month.
  5. There are 2.2 million apps available on the Apple App Store and 2.8 million on the Google Play Store

Apps are clearly becoming increasingly popular so now is the time for schools to embrace this technology. By having Parentapps create a mobile application for your school you will receive…


School Apps Features: 


“We live in an age when people expect more information, not less, in all areas of life. Our schools should be no different.” 

Mobile apps can make life easier for students, teachers and parents. Parentapps started in 2014 to enable clear, effective communication between schools and parents. Some of our features available to schools include:

  • The ability to send Push Notifications to parents should there be issues such as a school closure, security matters or changes to set information.
  • Publish upcoming events.
  • Upload PDF documents including policies and reports.
  • Term dates and calendar features.
  • Photo gallery.
  • Provide parents access to your school’s Ofsted report.
  • Booking forms.
  • Absence reporting.
  • Access to school policies.
  • Make your school blogs available at the touch of a button.
  • One touch contact details.

The above features are currently being enjoyed by a huge number of schools in the local area and beyond. The feedback from school leaders has been overwhelmingly positive including:

School Apps Testimonials


“The app has really has held its own over the past three weeks – School being involved in a police incident then our sewers collapsing … the app was invaluable!  Parents commented on how good the communication was – fantastic!”

Matthew, Headteacher at St Mary’s CE Primary School, West Derby

Feedback on the app from the parents has been fantastic, they are really pleased with the ease of use and the amount of information it provides.  We are very pleased with how simple it is to update.  Push notifications has been a fantastic way to send out messages out to parents quickly, ensuring that important messages are seen. We looked at the number of people who are accessing the app in the last week of term and we were impressed with the numbers of people using it and how often they are using it too!”

Emma Keogh, Pleasant Street Primary

“It’s easy to be enthusiastic about something you truly believe in and your product is exceptional. Thank you for making life a lot easier”.

Marion Chute, School Business Manager at Our Lady Immaculate Catholic Primary School.

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The team at Parentapps believe the best way to truly understand the advantages of having a school app is to see one in action. You can book in for an online demonstration below, and see how easy the app is to use for both your staff and parents.