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Why Should Your School Have a Dedicated App?

Apps are everywhere. Collectively we download billions of them to our mobile phones and tablets each year. We do our weekly food shops, book flights and bank all from apps on our mobile devices.
But is a dedicated app suitable for your school? Can it deliver better…

It’s not just secondary schools, colleges and universities that are doing their best nowadays to use technology more effectively. If you run a primary school, you’ll already be on board with how important communication is across all areas of your operation.

Getting in touch with parents and engaging effectively has certainly been made more accessible in recent years. That’s mainly because most of us carry around mobile devices such as smartphones. Developing a dedicated app for your school is now the easiest way to communicate with parents and keep them up to date with what’s going on at the touch of a button.

It’s also something that impresses Ofsted and can help improve your rating for your next report.

The Benefits of a Primary School App

  • It allows you to communicate directly with parents and other family members.
  • You can create a branded, bespoke design that reflects everything that’s good about your school.
  • You can send immediate notifications to a parent’s smartphone. For example, if the school needs to close early because of bad weather.
  • It reduces the amount of paperwork and admin your primary school has to contend with. That means admin staff can get on with other important tasks.
  • You can add in all sorts of useful information for parents including school protocols and rules as well as the latest news.
  • You can add things like consent forms and surveys to better engage with parents.
  • You immediately reduce the cost of sending individual texts by sending notifications which are free.

Building a dedicated school app used to be an expensive business only five or six years ago. You’d have to hire a designer to produce something specifically for your school and also pay for keeping that app up to date.

Today’s bespoke school apps can be delivered at a much lower cost than ever before. They’re easy to use and update and they reduce the amount of admin time that you spend sending out information to parents. The good news is that your app can be branded to reflect your primary school, creating an attractive and simple method of conducting two way conversations with parents.

How Your App Can Help You Stand Out

More and more schools nowadays are turning to technology to help improve communication. With budgets being cut, finding new and cost effective ways to get important messages out and engage with stakeholders is vital. A dedicated primary school app can easily be tailored to your specific needs.

You can pack as much information as you like into the app and make it available to parents from the moment it goes live. That can include information like dress codes, upcoming events, even video and photos of sports days and nativity plays.

At Parentapps, we’ll be able to work closely with you to find out what your needs are. There’s a digital solution for practically any administration task and you can always add extra features at a later date once you understand how powerful a tool your school app can be.

If you’d like a demonstration of how a primary school app can benefit you from day one, contact our expert and friendly team today to find out more.