WEBINAR: Improving parental engagement post-pandemic

Did you struggle to communicate with parents during the pandemic? Were some hard to reach? Was communicating outside of school hours a pain? Did parents miss important updates? Did you spend hundreds of pounds on text messages?

In the webinar we discuss the lessons learned from the past year and look at how schools can improve parental engagement post-pandemic. We’ll teach you how to make communicating quick, concise and easy, not just for your staff but for your parents too. 


What will I learn?

  • How to save school staff time, reduce workload-related stress, and improve wellbeing.
  • How to reduce costs and simplify methods of communication.
  • How to improve safeguarding and adhering to GDPR when it comes to information surrounding your students.
  • Which channels are best for engaging parents with best practice tips.
  • We’ll talk you through how you can build stronger relationships with your parents based on their demographics and technical ability.
  • Demo of our Parentapps Connect app.

If you would like to calculate the savings our technology can provide your school, then you can use our savings calculator tool.