What’s new in Parentapps?

We have an exciting new update which will revolutionise your Parentapps experience! New features have been added to our system, including attendance, behaviour, and achievement reports. Watch the video below to have a sneak peek at these new developments.

*Only available for new customers using SIMS.

Parentapps Features

Attendance Data

Through our new feature, you will be able to record each student’s attendance up to twice every day. In the student’s profile, there will be a display with the student’s percentage of attendance. Being able to spot patterns in attendance can help distinguish problems, helping you map out a strategy to get them back on track. 



If a student is showing negative behaviour, it’s important to consider their emotional wellbeing during this time. Log any incidents, safeguarding concerns or detention notices to create reports and keep parents informed. You can then use this valuable information to plan interventions accordingly, and to identify any potential causes.  


Reinforcing positive actions encourages children to keep a positive mindset and attitude. To reinforce behaviour is to provide something that was not there, which is advantageous to the student. You will have the option to log the students’ achievements – for instance, notifying them of outstanding work in a specific subject, and writing a message of praise and encouragement.

Payment Gateway

Parentapps Payments is a trustworthy service proven to manage catering and parental payment processes, letting schools build confidence, and at the same time, save money. Going cashless enables you to let go of time-consuming admin processes.

Booking System

Book appointments, take payments and get directions, all at the click of a button. Parents can book parents’ evening slots, edit appointments and sync them with their calendar. If you are you hosting breakfast and after school clubs or ticketed events, you can take bookings through this feature too.

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