Modernise Your End of Year Shows

Parentapps Team

The end of the academic year is the perfect time to get your school community together and organise some fun events to celebrate your students’ successes and achievements of the year. If you’re planning any shows, recitals, plays, sports games… Here is how you can streamline the planning process by using an online school management platform! 


Register interest 


First of all, you should aim for the highest attendance rates you can get when planning an end of year event. To guarantee most parents and guardians attending, establish a date for your event well in advance, and let families know straight away. This will give them time to make plans and write down dates and times. We recommend sending app notifications for this, of if you’d like to include information and links about your event, use an email. 


Ticket sales 


End of year events are also a great chance for your school to generate income. However, some staff members might think about the planning process as a daunting task because of the admin work it requires. That’s why you should invest in a digital platform to take it off their hands: using an online shop to sell tickets for your event will facilitate the process for both your staff and the families purchasing a ticket. This will save significant time it would normally take your staff to sort through cash, and parents and guardians will make the payment quicker by using online banking instead of retrieving cash.  


Get consent 


Take advantage of such activities and make sure to immortalise these moments: taking photographs and videos is a great tip not only to then distribute among families, but also to use on your school website and social media to enrich your school marketing and strengthen your online identity. However, before you do this, you should always ensure parents and guardians have a chance to share their consent of your school taking pictures of their kids. Photography is only fun when consensual! Send out a form to parents and guardians prior to the event for a quick and easy way to collect this information. 


We’re here to help!  


Our online platform Parentapps can do it all when it comes to event planning: let us play a crucial part in your end of year show planning and let you enjoy the last few weeks of the academic year with your students. Book a demo to find out more about our app services and school website design today!