Keeping Parents’ Evening Simple

Parentapps Team

Parents’ Evening season is approaching, and just like every year, we understand how stressful of a task it can be for school staff. However, it doesn’t have to be so scary! With the right organisation and planning tools, Parents’ Evening can be a fun event for both school staff and families, and a great chance to get together. We put together a list of our top tips to help you plan your Parents’ Evening like a pro!  


Update your website  


Your school website is your vessel. It is the home of all announcements and important information for parents and guardians, with the goal of saving admin time and reducing calls to school. This is why it’s essential to be consistent and update it regularly – especially when your Parents’ Evening comes around. Once all dates are finalised, update your term calendar or publish a notice to prepare parents and guardians. The more notice you can give, the better! If you have not yet invested in a school website, or would like to give your existing one a makeover, book a demo with our school website design team; they will help you choose the best solution to fit your needs. 


Plan your schedule accordingly 


Once you have decided on a date, you can start setting up the times of reception for each teacher. Using our booking system lets you complete this entire process online, where you can assign a number of minutes per session and add breaks in between. Adding breaks helps your staff recharge in between meetings and prepare any material or files for the next one. Following this tight schedule will avoid meetings overlapping each other, and will help with a better flow of your Parents’ Evening. 


Send out the invites 


When you are ready to begin taking bookings, share the registration page with parents and guardians through an app notification. We recommend also sending a reminder a few days before the event, in case a parent is yet to sign up. Parents and guardians will be redirected to their children’s respective teachers’ schedules, and they’ll be able to pick any available time slot. Once they’ve booked a slot, the app will sync with their calendar and add the appointment. If they need to cancel or make any edits to a booking before the event, they can manually do so. You can also export a report with all the bookings. Sounds easy, doesn’t it? Our schools love the simplicity and effectiveness of our booking system. 


Get started 


This year, spend your time wisely when planning your Parents’ Evening, and connect with your community instead of worrying about event preparation. Let us take that stress away from you: book a demo with the Parentapps team to find out more about our booking system and school website design.