It can be challenging for parents to find out what their children have been up to in school on a day to day basis. Because when you ask your child what they did at school you’re more likely to get an update about what happened on the playground rather than in the classroom.

Why? Well it’s simple just like adults don’t want to reflect on their day at work children don’t want to recall their day at school when they go home as both parties usually prefer to relax and unwind. So what can your school do to help keep parents more up-to-date on routine events in their child’s week so that they feel more involved in their learning?

Mobile Apps by Parent Apps have a solution for this with an events feature that enables school staff to input a list of upcoming and reoccurring events such as mass so parents can keep track of what their child is doing. The feature is particularly beneficial for parents who want to take more of an active role in their child’s development. For example as parents can see when children will have one-on-one reading sessions with assistants and they may be able to put themselves forward as a helper if they are available.

More and more schools have class blogs or class pages on their website. These blogs will contain a diary of activities that children have taken part in, with photographs showing them hard at work. How many times do parents think that they would like to be a fly on the wall of their child’s classroom for just one day and see all of the things they get up to?!

The problem with having the blogs on your school’s website is that very few parents even know that they are there. Our apps allow the school blogs to be linked to a dedicated button so parents can open the app and go directly to their child’s class.

Having a feature like this can also help parents to ask children more direct questions such as what did you talk about in class today or what was the coolest thing you learnt?

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