Is it time to modernise your school or nusery’s communication methods?

Is your school or nursery communicating with today’s parents in the best way possible? With millennials making up over half of all of today’s parents, it is critical to understand the habits and expectations of this digitally savvy generation.

 Millennials are accustomed to accessing all of their information at the press of a button on their smartphone or tablet. This extends into their roles as parents with many millennials consulting apps for parenting advice even before reaching out to friends or family members.

This digital-first approach to obtaining information can pose a challenge for schools and nurseries that want to improve engagement with parents but who currently utilise paper or text-based methods as their primary form of communication.
Parentapps was founded to help childcare and education providers address this challenge and adopt a digital-first approach to communication. Through our custom apps and websites, we have helped hundreds of schools improve their parental engagement and save money previously spent on printing costs and text messaging services.

If you would like to learn more about how a dedicated app can help your school or nursery, please get in touch and we will create a bespoke, no-obligation app for you to preview.