How your school can support parents this term

Parentapps Team

The new term has started, and although it’s not quite what we all had in mind for a new school year, it’s good to see our children socialising with friends and getting back to some degree of normality! Schools have been busy these past few months strategically planning and implementing new processes down to the last detail, to ensure their policies protect children, staff and parents throughout this period of uncertainty.

But planning doesn’t necessarily mean less stress. Stress is still rife amongst parents, children and school staff. Throughout this period, work has been cited as the most frequent source of stress for parents, followed by the children’s wellbeing, the University of Oxford reported. And now that children are back to school, parents might have more time to dedicate to work and other activities, but parents are still having to juggle a lot of moving parts and uncertainty.

How can our app help you support parents this term?




Give parents 24/7 access to important information 


Simplifying how parents access information is key to building straightforward relationships between your school and its parents. People expect information to be available at the touch of a button, and now it can be through your school app. 

An app means parents can access your school information instantly – whether they need information about school holiday dates, parents’ evening, events and other essential updates – your app can house all of this and more. Just think, parents can have 24/7 access to this information which means you can focus on delivering learning and manage the day-to-day running of your school without the need to respond to parent emails en masse.

Giving parents access through your school app means you save time on administrative duties and relieves worries for parents – instant access means no waiting around for a reply


Keep parents informed effortlessly


Although you can pre-load your app with all kinds of useful information – when it comes to updating parents on the evolving pandemic situation, you need a quick way to update all parents. 

You need a solution that enables you to email, send a text message or to send a push notification to all parents simultaneously. A solution you can use to track who opened the message and who didn’t—making it easier to follow up with parents who haven’t taken action. 

These tools are saving your school time but giving parents the reassurance needed through these times of uncertainty.


Consent forms are helping build better communication


Our consent form and survey feature has been heavily relied upon throughout the pandemic by our customers. Being able to send forms to retain feedback on the new school setup or to report coronavirus symptoms is a quick and simple way for schools to collect key information. 

With new nationwide restrictions set to affect everyone for at least the next six months, consistent and clear communication with parents is even more critical.


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