How to Raise Extra School Income

Parentapps Team

Through government cuts and the cost of living crisis increasingly affecting more and more families, the new financial year will probably be a bit tougher than usual. As a school, you should always be looking for ways to raise additional revenue; here are a few ways you can do so this year without breaking the bank for parents and guardians. 

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Coffee mornings 

A way to both raise extra income and engage with the families of your pupils: a coffee morning is the perfect event to throw at any time during your academic year that doesn’t require too much planning. Using your parental engagement school app, send parents and guardians a message or in-app notification to invite them to your session, where they can see their children’s work, get to know each other, and interact with all the school staff members who make an impact in their children’s education. You send over your invitation, request a small participation fee to provide hot drinks and snacks.  


Outsourcing experiences 

Picking out some dates throughout the school year to organise activities is a great way to get your families together whilst earning some money. Sell entrance tickets to your fun day out for the whole family and your staff members. Get creative! Some ideas include world book day in collaboration with Penguin, bake sales, hiring actors for a puppet show. You can also choose to go big and plan a whole drama production in your auditorium, or a fair with a petting zoo, game stalls, a raffle, and giant inflatables and bouncy castles.  


School discos and shows 

If you want to engage your pupils in something different, a school disco is always a great idea! All you need is a DJ and a tuck shop; additionally, you can provide props, confetti, and balloons to make it more fun. You can also branch out and choose to get your students involved and get them to take part in a talent show, where the winner gets a prize.  


Collect payments in advance  

Receiving payment for an activity in advance is the best way to facilitate the planning process. Knowing exactly how many guests will attend your coffee morning will help you be aware of how many people you’ll have to cater for, and the payment you’ve already received will make you feel more confident when purchasing all you need. Managing payments through an online platform is a lot easier than collecting cash, as it’s quick, secure, and all in one place: Parentapps Payments is helping schools carry out transactions and letting go of manual tasks. Book a demo to find out how we can do this for your school!