Most modern day parents live a fast paced and hectic lifestyle trying to juggle multiple tasks at once can sometimes lead to disorganised chaos. That’s why it’s important for schools to think of innovative ways to keep parents in the loop so they can keep track of important dates and juggle their schedules accordingly.

You may believe you’re already doing this effectively by using a text messaging service or newsletter but these techniques are flawed and your money is wasted if you don’t have the latest contact details for parents. So what’s the solution? Well nowadays many people are running their lives through their smartphone and tablet devices and we can utilise this trend to your advantage.

If you want to improve how you communicate the dates of upcoming events to parents so they never feel like they are the last to know or even worse forget about them entirely our apps would be ideal for you. Designed for schools and nurseries our mobile apps feature an in-built calendar that highlights important dates such as school plays, parent’s evenings, term-times and other events.

Even better you can send parents notifications instantly to get their attention and remind them of important upcoming dates. Additionally if parents wish to do so they can also sync those important dates with the calendar in their device.

Better still you can even upload videos and pictures so even if parents can’t attend school events such as plays or sports days they don’t feel as though they are missing out.

So if you’d like to find out more about how to help parents keep track of key dates using a mobile app then click here to get in touch today – we can help you upgrade your communications systems so your parents are always kept in the loop!