How to engage millennial parents

Parentapps Team

Just as parenting styles differ, the way you market your school to a particular generation also differs. As a school, you should aim to engage all parents, which means understanding each generation’s nuances.

The millennial generation research thoroughly, they read online reviews and absorb them as if they were personal recommendations. So, how can you engage this specific generation?

Recognising the differences


Communication preferences differ across generations, with the millennial generation being particularly savvy on mobile devices, they prefer instant communication strategies and social proof. 

Social proof is evidence that your school is a popular and high-quality choice for parents. You can measure popularity through social media audience growth, visitor growth on your website and online reviews left by other parents.

You need to provide “proof” that your school is already well-liked by its current parents.


Source: Pew Research Center


Focus on obtaining glowing reviews

Reviews are particularly important to this generation who turn between 25-40 years old this year. Growing up with the internet has had a profound impact on how they navigate online.

Online reviews form an essential part of the research process for many of these parents, particularly when choosing a school. They want to see social proof that your school has plenty of happy parents; they want to absorb the good and the bad points about your school before making a final decision.

How can you get these reviews? Start by asking satisfied parents if they would leave you a quick Google review – this can take just two minutes. 

When parents search for your school, or “schools near me” your school could stand out and proud from the rest with five-star reviews. Make it simple for parents to leave you a review by sharing a direct link to your Google review page.

It’s the small things that can sometimes have the most significant impact.


Switch to digital communication


More than nine in 10 millennials have a smartphone, and when compared to baby boomers, generation X and the silent generation, the millennial generation is the highest user of smartphones.

Being able to instantly communicate with these parents through an app or SMS messages could be a step in the right direction for your school.

You aim to engage more parents, and what better way to engage them by being omnipresent within an app? You’re always in reach, teachers and parents can chat via your school app, they can respond immediately to important school news or surveys. And if they have questions about the homework tasks, they can ask them uninhibited.

Breaking down the barriers caused by traditional paper-based communication means your school can digitally track which parents open and respond to communication with a click of a button. Resend communication quickly to those parents who haven’t yet opened the mail.

Digital communication bridges a physical gap between parents, teachers and wider school staff. It makes your communication strategy cohesive and effective.


How much money could you save your school?


Switching to digital communication helps you cut down on paper cost and time associated with endless administrative tasks. 

Learn how much your school could be saving with a school app by using our free savings calculator.