As the leaves change colour, the clocks go back and colder weather sets in across the country, common types of illnesses are set to thrive and spread throughout nurseries and schools presenting challenges for both parents and staff.

Why? Because children are more susceptible to contracting prevalent illnesses such as the common cold, seasonal flu, norovirus and acute ear infections during winter months because unlike adults, they have yet to build up their immune systems to fight off these routine bugs.

This rise in winter-related illnesses results in an increased need for better communication between parents and staff as absences have to be reported by parents and staff have to notify parents of outbreaks. But for both parties actually getting in touch with one another can present a barrage of issues in itself so that’s why we’ve come up with a handy solution!

School and Nursery mobile apps designed by ‘Parent Apps’ feature an absence reporting area, which enables parents to send a simple notification to staff that their child will be absent due to illness. Our apps also enable staff to send out bulletins to warn parents of outbreaks such as flu or head lice alongside advice for precautionary methods that can be taken.

So if parents are complaining that they can’t get through in the mornings to report absences by telephone or you’re staff are spending too much time making calls or producing mail outs to inform parents of outbreaks and providing advice then our mobile apps could be the perfect solution to your problems.

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