Class blogs are a great way to build a strong connection between parents and your school as they encourage discussion and collaboration. Blogs can also act as an extension to your website and social media and can be used to drive more traffic to your website as parents are more likely to frequently view the content that you’re posting out. Especially if that content is relevant to their child’s class.

The only issue when it comes to posting class blogs on your website is that if your school website isn’t optimised so that it can be viewed on a smaller screen it can be difficult for parents to access. Why? Because parents are constantly on the move and they don’t always have access to a computer but the vast majority will take their smartphone or tablet devices with them wherever they go.

That is why through the mobile app we create at Parent Apps we enable schools to display their blogs so parents’ can access them quickly and easily. This allows parents to have access to classroom and school blogs on the move so that they are always kept in the loop!

Even better through the app school teachers and staff can also send notifications to a pre-defined group of parents – according to the year group that their child is in for example. This ensures that parents with children in year 5 won’t get notifications for pupils in year 3 and vice versa so parents are always given updates that are relevant to them.

If you’ve enjoyed reading our article ‘How schools can engage with parents through classroom blogs’ why not find out more about the features of our mobile apps by watching our latest animation video which explains how our apps can help your school communicate more effectively with parents!