There’s no doubt that managing communication is a large part of any leadership process, particularly in organisations such as schools. Reviewing how you connect with staff, pupils, parents and other stakeholders is important and there’s no doubt that using the latest technology can help improve things.

Most problems schools encounter arise from the fact that information isn’t disseminated as effectively as possible. A message is sent out to parents but doesn’t reach everyone, generally leading to a patchy response. Messages can also be changed depending on who is delivering it which means recipients get conflicting information which can lead to confusion.

Most teachers will tell you that the more parents are involved in the education of their children the better. This necessarily involves good communication where engaging with parents on numerous levels can ensure there are fewer occasions when people are left out of the loop. This is all about developing partnerships that allow the exchange of information and encourages parents to take part in the life of the school.

While in the past this used to be something of a hit and miss affair that took up a large amount of administrative time, the development of new technology has made everything a lot more accessible. Most of use nowadays have mobile phones or tablets – pocket computers that do a lot more than simply handling phone calls and texts. Parents who are given a dedicated school app can gain immediate access to important information as and when they need it. School administrators are able to send out notifications in a few minutes rather than having to work out how to get in touch with individual parents.

This means that communication among schools that have chosen to develop their own app has dramatically improved. Contacting parents via options such as notifications suddenly becomes second nature and not only makes communication easier but also releases up a large amount of administration time in the school itself.

Of course, this doesn’t work unless your school has an effective strategy to bridge the gap between your organisation and the parents who can contribute so much. For most heads, it’s all about creating positive relationships that not only keep parents informed but enables them to take part in the day to day running of the school, contributing to and engaging in events throughout the year.

It can include sharing at a deeper level about how a particular pupil is progressing and highlighting the hurdles they need to be overcome. It can help parents better encourage their children and give them the confidence to approach schools in person when an issue needs to be addressed.

We no longer have to rely on options such as ‘pupil post’ where delivery can often be intermittent. With direct access to the smart device of a parent, the opportunity to develop a closer and more direct relationship is already there. Many schools look at their communication strategies in a different light once they start using a technology such as a school app, finding new and exciting ways to engage.

There’s no doubt that greater cooperation between schools and parents can make a huge difference. It brings a new dimension to the mix that is beginning to change the level of engagement and the role that parents play in the education of their children. Contact us today to find out how a dedicated app can transform communication in your school today.