Bringing Schools & Families Together This Christmas

Parentapps Team

If your school staff are still wondering what to add to their letter to Santa this year, let it be an easy platform to process all Christmas related activities and planning. Santa knows better than anyone else how Parentapps can make Christmas time a breeze:


At the School of Elves, it’s Christmas all year round. We know how difficult it is to manually take care of payments, form submissions, and shop items! With Parentapps, our elves have never been happier and this year’s Christmas activities planning has been a whole lot easier. Ho ho ho!

-Santa Claus, School of Elves


The holiday season is the perfect time of the year for your community to come together in celebration and strengthen those relationships with your pupils’ families. Times like Christmas require a lot of preparation when planning nativities, dinners, or panto trips… Take some inspiration on how Parentapps can help your school around Christmas time by checking out Santa’s favourite features listed below!


Festive Forms

The elves love sending forms to collect children’s wish lists of what presents they’d like for Christmas. Some ideas of how forms can help you around Christmas time:

  • Collecting pupils’ dietary requirements before Christmas dinner
  • Parental consent for photographs at your nativity
  • E-signatures from parents and guardians to RSVP for the panto trip


Parental Payments

Santa and the elves are obsessed with Parentapps Payments as it’s the perfect management tool to use when shipping presents from the North Pole. How can you use payments to facilitate the day-to-day routine of your staff, but most importantly your families?

  • Submitting payment for your panto trip
  • Pre-booking and pre-paying for Christmas dinner
  • Purchasing festive items from the school shop
  • Submitting voluntary donations to the school or a charity
  • Pre-booking and pre-paying for holiday clubs


Top tip: Have you thought about organising school clubs during the holidays? Check out a blog we published during the summer to give you some inspiration for your holiday clubs.


A gift for your families

By moving these processes from manual to digital, the stress that usually comes with the holiday time will be replaced by excitement for your school staff. Give your school community the gift of Parentapps this Christmas, and enjoy your relationships as they evolve. Find out more about the features of Parentapps by speaking with our team!