Important app updates from Parentapps

Parentapps Team

Our innovative development team is always looking for new ways to improve both the app’s features and our user experience. We thought we’d give you an update on what we’ve been busy with at Parentapps over the last few weeks.

Side note: just so you’re aware, all of our staff members are now working remotely from home. If you need support with our app, don’t hesitate to email our team on

We have implemented a new cloud-based phone system; this enables our team members to continue delivering excellent customer service throughout this period of uncertainty.

Read on for our exciting app updates.


Our secure homework hub is now live

Our homework hub was due to launch all ready for the new academic year in September, but we deemed this project higher priority due to the coronavirus outbreak. The homework hub enables schools to upload classwork for children that can be accessed and downloaded by parents.

Schools are now utilising the secure homework hub, and we have been overwhelmed with the positive feedback this new feature has received. It is a feature that is proving to be a valuable asset for electronic homework.

Learn more about the homework hub.


You can now send messages via mobile

The feedback we receive from schools plays a valuable role in further developing our app. One of our latest updates has come directly from our customers’ feedback. You are now able to send messages via a mobile device; our system is now fully mobile responsive. This is perfect for use outside of the classroom when you don’t have access to a desktop computer.

This feature means that whether you’re working from home during COVID-19, or when you’re on a future school trip – you can contact parents with ease.


The new support hub is now available

We’ve been working hard to develop a full suite of tutorials so all our customers are fully-equipped with in-depth knowledge of how each feature works and can benefit their school. Whether you’re puzzled about how to send messages, add content, invite parents or how to set up your Parentapps Connect App – we’ve got video tutorials, and user guides on hand to help you at every step of the way.


If you’d rather contact our support team for help you can of course still do so by emailing them at

More updates coming soon!

Our development team is currently working hard developing our brand new booking system, which we’re hoping to launch in a few short weeks. The new system will fully-integrate with our app for seamless user experience.

We’ll keep you updated on its progress!


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