Acklam Whin
Primary School

We love our new website and I think that’s crucial to the relationship that we’ve got with you guys. You’re very much about what we want and if you don’t already do what we want, then you’ll look at ways you can develop or change things. I think that’s really important.”

Suzie Prince, Headteacher

Design Brief

Acklam Whin wanted a new fresh and fun look for their new school start in 2023. A simple and easy to navigate website which was user friendly for both staff and parents. The school wanted an animated slider which was eye catching and striking.

The school also wanted their website to be able to easily add and update content much easier then their previous website. Along with that they wanted to ensure their school colours of royal blue, light blue and pale blue were used throughout.

Why Parentapps?

“We moved to a Parentapps website in the summer 2020. Again, the contact and support processes that we had were excellent. One of the issues that you have with technology when you’re working with a company like yourselves is that we have a vision of what we want things to look like, then you’ve got a product and your restrictions and guidelines that you’ve got to meet too. But I did really feel like we were listened to, and we were quite picky as well. Your team were really patient and came up with exactly what we wanted.”

Client Reviews.

St Mary's Primary School

Working with Parentapps has been a really positive experience for us. We would recommend them to any school looking to improve their communication with parents.

St John Vianney

Since launching our app and website we have seen an improvement in our school’s communication. Parentapps were great to work with and the whole process was really straightforward.

Prescot Primary School

Parentapps provide a friendly and mystery free service. Customising and updating your website couldn’t be easier.