The Conservative Government has done a lot to create more academy schools in recent years. While they have their detractors, academies have also certainly thrived and are providing high standards of education for pupils all over the UK.

As with any other type of school, academies need to be able to communicate with their pupils and parents as efficiently as possible. While in the past, this was achieved on websites which provided relevant information, more and more institutions are starting to turn to dedicated apps.

For academy schools, these have a host of great benefits that in many cases have transformed the relationship between stakeholders at all levels.

It’s Cost Effective

As a way of disseminating important and useful information, a mobile app for academy schools is not only cheap to set up but can save on costs in administration and time. Rather than staff being tied up with trying to contact parents when an issue has come up, the mobile app can send out notifications that go direct to smart devices such as phones and tablets.

Teachers Don’t Have to Worry About the Cost

Because it’s cheaper to install an app, you can send as much information to parents and pupils as you like. Your teaching staff don’t have to think about saving your academy school money and can therefore entertain more dynamic and varied engagement with all those who have the app downloaded onto their device.

You Can Tailor Your Academy School App

Using a website is fine for disseminating information but it requires the parent or pupil to actively go to that online location. With an app, you can send out a range of different communications which can be received as notifications and get an immediate reaction. You can also decide what sort of information parents and pupils access through the app. In short, mobile school apps can be better tailored to what you school needs and provide exactly what parents want – you can even send different messages and have select content for certain years or sets of pupils.

Make Your School Greener

Academy Schools normally have a lot of information that they need to get out to parents and pupils. In the past that would have included printing off a lot of material and sending it out. Most of us nowadays have at least one smart device and we’re used to getting information and updates on them.

It makes sense therefore to utilise this powerful way of communicating. For academy schools that want to boost their green credentials and help save the planet, cutting down on all that paper and time consuming engagement can lower carbon emissions as well as giving admin staff extra time to do more important work.

Just a couple of years ago, if you’d wanted to create your own academy school app you would have had to employ a professional designer at great cost. With the range of templates now available online, all your school needs to do is sign up for an app and start using it. You don’t need to worry about getting updates to the software either as this is done automatically, keeping your app working and safe from the latest online threats.