5 Ways to Improve Your School Marketing This Winter

Parentapps Team

Whilst word of mouth is a great way for your school to be recommended, you should always invest in some kind of marketing to get your name out there and spread awareness. Advertising your school is essential, but it can be stressful, as it requires creativity and originality. You are always going to compete with other schools in your area, but how can you look and be the best? 

Our school branding experts have shared their top tips to improve your school marketing, so you can begin the new year with a new resolution (and lots of knowledge on how to accomplish it!) 


#1 What makes you unique? 

Do you offer any specific subjects that no one else in your area offers? Do you have any facilities, innovative technology, or equipment that you want to show off? Do you offer unique extracurricular activities? Lean on your strengths and take advantage of them to market your school. Prospects won’t be attracted by what every other school has, like bright classrooms and spacious lockers; they want to know what makes you special. Show it all off through professional photography, digital infographics, and interactive videos on your school website; this way, you’ll make a brilliant first impression with prospects. 


#2 Stay true to your identity 

For families to really understand what your school is all about, it’s important that you clearly deliver a message to explain your ethos and identity. Be personable: when you market your school online, ensure to add your logo and school colours to be recognisable, and to proudly display your brand. A few words from your headteacher are always a great way to introduce your school and vision on your school website. 


#3 Understand your audience 

In order to relate to your audience, you need to identify whom you want to target, and what content they are most likely to interact with. Visual aids are always a great way to engage with a website visitor. Be inclusive: try not to overcrowd your website and keep it simple and effective, and make it accessible by studying what colours to use and the size of your text. Families will prefer a simply structured website that is easy to use rather than one that provides too much information at once.  


#4 Show not tell 

It’s easy to say you have the most equipped labs or the biggest auditorium: show it! Pictures are a great way to attract visitors and to easily showcase your school grounds and everything you’re proud of. Just like in theatre, you want to show, not tell! Have you considered investing in specialist school photography? At Parentapps, we offer a package that might just be what you are looking for! And if you want to go the extra mile, a great tip is to publish some videos or montages of your students (with parental permission, of course) and your school events. Get your staff involved, and interview them on the curriculum, their goals, and their daily class routine.  


#5 Embrace the future 

Even though there is nothing quite like an open day, or prospects visiting your school grounds, it’s a great idea to give them a taste of your school virtually. Not only does this help you stand out from the crowd, it also gives families who live far away or who work long hours a chance to interact with your school from anywhere in the world, at any time. If you are curious and want to learn more about virtual tours, contact our team 


We can help! 

Investing in your school marketing adds value to your school and pays off with great relationships with families and more prospects. With Parentapps, you can get a school marketing package that will transform your online presence; book a consultation to find out more!