5 of our best School Website Designs [and how we created them!]

Parentapps Team

Your school website is like a deep dive into the essence of your school. Through its design and contents, visitors can easily get to know your school and its staff, and find answers to all of their questions.

We have been designing bespoke school websites for a few years, and we have picked 5 of our favourite ones to highlight their best features and to inspire you to make a wishlist for your new school website design!

Rising Stars Preschool 

When we built the website for Rising Stars Preschool, we were told the priority was to make it user-friendly and easy to update in the backend. We worked closely with the staff to understand their requirements and wish list, and tried to make the design match the premises and their values.

The main element that stands out in this website is the playful nature of the design, which we achieved by using flat vector graphics. Along with the bright and bold colours, the design gives it a fun and friendly feel.

Rising Stars

Auckland College 

The college wanted the website to have a real wow factor and to clearly reflect its brand. Together we created the AC concept: taking the initials for Auckland College, we created some fun graphics based on educational terms, such as ‘accomplish,’ ‘achieve’ and ‘academic.’

What stands out the most about this website is the highly interactive experience the user gets, especially because of the advanced animated elements throughout the pages. The college also opted for a photography package, so we had the chance to visit the school and take some pictures that would be able to transfer the essence of the college to their website seamlessly.

Auckland College

Dereham Sixth Form 

The main requirement we were given by Dereham Sixth Form was to create a design that looks modern and appealing to the new generation of students. We created subtle animations to give the website a nice modern touch, and used a warm colour palette throughout.

As a website that provides a wealth of information for its community and prospects, it needs to be updated frequently, so we made it super simple to edit and add content.

Dereham Sixth Form

Notre Dame Catholic College

Notre Dame has a long history, dating all the way back to 1851. One of our priorities was to stay true to this while making the website look modern at the same time, as the school moved into a newly developed building in 2013.

The school expressed they wanted a different take on how the pages are laid out, so we used overlapping, animated effects and striking imagery to achieve this.

Notre Dame purchased a photography package as well as Auckland College. We were able to play around with the historical and modern parts of the school through the photos we took, and by adding subtle animations such as fading text, moving buttons swiping in and paralax sections.

Notre Dame

Beal Vale Primary School 

The school requested for the website to look playful and stay true to the nature of their primary school while still maintaining a sophisticated look. We used bright and bold colours while designing, and set up a custom navigation.

Beal Vale also opted for a photography package, so our team worked with the staff and students on the premises to transfer the school’s essence onto its website.

Beal Vale

You can have this too! If your school website needs a refresh, don’t hesitate to contact us and our team will work with you closely to deliver the best bespoke service you can get. With our photography and video services, you will be able to take your school website to the next level. Find out more by booking a demo with our team!