How teachers are (admirably!) using video to engage students

Parentapps Team

We’re nearing the end of our sixth week in lockdown, which we’re sure has been a trying time for parents and teachers alike. Parents are now juggling homeschooling and work, and teachers have had to adapt swiftly to digital learning. Over the last few weeks, it has been great to witness the confidence of schools and headteachers grow through digital platforms. Changing the way they communicate with students, with many having never had to create a video and speak to an infinite online audience.

It’s been interesting to watch and engage with the variety of content schools are now sharing to engage their students.  We’ve gathered some of our favourite examples of schools using the medium of video to engage their students and the wider community.

From sharing recipe ideas, staff singing montages and trick shot strategies – you’re in for a treat as schools go above and beyond to put a smile on people’s faces.

Trick shot challenge video

Over at Manor High School, Headteacher Liam Powell shared a video of Head of PE, Joe Flax and other members of school staff, performing trick shots with tennis balls, hockey pucks and rugby balls. The video aims to inspire children to film themselves performing their own trick shots, with teachers then able to share them across social media channels for others to see.

This is an excellent opportunity to get children outside – igniting their competitive spirit!


Engaging students with singing

This video sees staff at The Evolve Trust, lead by CEO Claire-Marie Cuthbert, perform a mime of S Club 7’s ‘Reach’. Not only does it inject some much-needed positivity into the digital space, but it’s also a fantastic display of teachers letting their guard down to entertain both parents and students.

It made us smile – watch below!


Recipe video – how to make flapjacks!


Another fantastic way schools are engaging students is through video recipes. This one is from Ms Cheetham at Leeds Academy Trust and is the perfect example of how straightforward content can help both parents and students stave off the boredom with baking!


In this short video (only 50 seconds long), Ms Cheetham demonstrates just how easy it is to bake flapjacks using just four ingredients. This kind of content can be sent out via a communications app via SMS text or message, or simply shared on your school social media channels.


It’s these video strategies that can help your school keep in touch with parents without mentioning the word coronavirus!


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