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What parents need from your school now
Parentapps Team
Your school is open but only to those children who have ‘key workers’ as parents or guardians. But what about all the parents at home left struggling to balance homeschooling with everyday life – a life that might include a full-time or part-time job?
Homeschooling is tough. Parents aren’t teachers, and they’ve been forced into managing their child’s school itinerary, keeping them happy and engaged inside the confines of their own homes and are themselves learning to adapt to remote working conditions for their job.

This scenario won’t last forever – and we all must remember that. But while it does last, it’s a balancing act and requires a whole new level of patience.

So what do parents need from your school right now?




Although support in the traditional sense can’t necessarily be achieved (in-person meetings, for example), you can still support parents from a distance. Taking the time to collect relevant articles and resources and sharing your knowledge with them can help your parents feel supported. 

Although it’s important not to overload your teachers with work at this point, asking them to keep in touch with the parents in their class, can ensure parents have a specific contact for information or help and guidance with school resources.

It’s crucial that parents understand what is expected of them and also what isn’t. Sometimes, all it takes is to emphasise with the parent’s situation and reassure them that keeping their child entertained is pretty much all that matters – not stringent timetables, or full hours of maths, English and science. Juggling a job and keeping their attention on all subjects for five to six hours a day just isn’t realistic. Making learning fun but not exhaustive is the goal – the entire household is tired and confined within four walls.

As the adage states “this too shall pass”.


Clear communication

Clarity and communication are two elements that should work together. Clear communication is imperative at a time of uncertainty – as much for the parent as the teacher. The teacher might want to know how their students are and whether they can help support the parent further by sharing additional resources. 

After all, the teacher knows the children both academically and personally. Spending each day with them, working together on building trust and respect has suddenly disappeared. It is therefore vital that teachers can communicate with parents to understand how the child is progressing, helping where they can.



We are in full admiration of all school staff members – teaching and non-teaching – who have had to adapt so quickly to working remotely and managing communication off-site but yet are still able to support the parents fully.

While schools have adapted to offer necessary resources online or via letters, there are many other resources out there that you might not be aware of. From free subscriptions to learn a new language to free audiobooks from Audible. Many companies have gone above and beyond offering subscriptions completely free of charge.

We have gathered some of the top free resources to help support the homeschooling of children – (teachers, please feel free to share them with your parents!)


Before you go

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