The long Summer break is just around the corner!

Just because it’s half term or the summer holidays, that doesn’t mean your school has stopped working. There are courses to plan, meetings to attend and future cohorts to organise. Having a smart app that is designed to keep people informed is the perfect solution for busy primary and secondary schools who want to stay in touch.

There are plenty of occasions when heads and teachers may want to send parents or staff members important information. It could be something as simple to remind them when term starts again or to give the heads up for a number of upcoming events.

For heads of school this can pose a problem if you want to send something out and there’s no admin staff around to give you the support you need. The answer in the past was to either leave it until school started up again or call staff in during the holiday period, which could involve additional costs not to mention inconvenience. The good news is that technology has all but solved this problem and it’s easy to install.

Many schools are starting to use dedicated apps that can send notifications straight to parents on their smartphones and other devices. This is simple to do and is a low cost solution to access smart communication at your fingertips. Even if you need to send a message during holiday periods, it can be done with just a few clicks of a button and there’s no need to get the admin staff in.

The Benefits of having an app for your school during Holidays:

  • Communication doesn’t have to stop simply because it’s holiday time.
  • Giving parents warning of upcoming events or situations can help them plan better for the future.
  • You can reach parents even if they are away on holiday, halfway across the world.
  • You don’t have to worry about getting support staff in to handle a particular communication.
  • Messages can be sent from any smart device at any time.

There’s no doubt that both teachers and parents find a school app useful. Messages can be tailored for particular groups and important information disseminated without having to wait. There may be a situation where pupils have been off for half term or Christmas and weather conditions might be such that starting the new term is not going to be viable. There might be issues with uniform supplies in a local shop that you need to make parents aware of before the start of the new school year. There are a whole host of reasons that a head teacher might want to contact parents during the holidays.

The good news is that installing an app for your school helps to cut down the costs when it comes to communicating with parents. You no longer have to sort through email lists, send out hardcopy information or pick up the phone if there is an issue that needs immediate attention. Schools can tailor their app and what it does and the kind of information it sends out. Parents find it useful too because they are not left out of the loop and can stay updated where ever they are at a particular moment in time.

We believe that our technology speaks for itself – get in touch to a claim a free demonstration app for your school with absolutely no obligation to take things further after seeing it in action.