St John Vianney
Primary School

St John Vianney’s is a larger than average Catholic primary school in the heart of Blackpool, which their children, staff, parish and governors are really proud of.

Design Brief

One of the main things St John Vianney wanted in their new website design was a vertical navigation bar, which was optimised for the use of parents looking to find infromation. The school wanted the website to be in the colours of green, white and yellow to tie in with their branding. 

Vertical Side Navigation

St John Vianney wanted to showcase their website differently with a vertical navigation which stays within the users view.

Client Reviews.

St Mary's Primary School

Working with Parentapps has been a really positive experience for us. We would recommend them to any school looking to improve their communication with parents.

St John Vianney

Since launching our app and website we have seen an improvement in our school’s communication. Parentapps were great to work with and the whole process was really straightforward.

Prescot Primary School

Parentapps provide a friendly and mystery free service. Customising and updating your website couldn’t be easier.