When it comes to selecting the right school for your child, you may already have a good idea of where you would like them to attend. However, it is important that the choice you make is the correct one. There are many factors to consider when selecting the right school for your child, and sometimes you have to scratch the service to unveil all the facts about a particular school.

It can be easy to judge a school by the way it is governed. For example, parents may favour a particular private school over a public school on the assumption that their child will receive a better education. The truth is that both sectors have their good schools and their worst schools, so parents shouldn’t rely on this alone.


There are many factors to take into account when deciding which school is best for your child to attend. One such factor is the location, is the school you have in mind close enough for your child to reach each day? There is also the consideration of your child building relationships within the local community, so a school that is too far away could prevent such bonding.


Many parents may look at how well a school is performing and make their decision based on a school’s results. However, it is always worth scheduling a visit to the school so you are able to match your own observations with the information you already have to hand. You can also ask the school more tailored questions that you may not find the answer to when reading the information alone.

Meet The Staff

It is also advisable to meet with the head teacher of the school so they can talk you through what programs are on offer. There is also the disciplinary policy to consider, and whether there are any classes in place should your child be struggling with a certain aspect of their school work. Parents can also gain an insight as to what daily life entails at that particular school.


Parents should also ensure that the values taught at the school match that of their child’s home life. For example, if a school is encouraging that a child be independent, then this should be the same message you are enforcing at home. If you don’t agree with the school’s values, it is likely that your child will be left confused as they will be presented with two different sets of rules. Of course, no school is bespoke to a particular child, but ensuring that both the school and the child’s parents are on the same side will help enforce a positive message to the child.


A number of schools are entering the 21st century with fantastic technology including the use of cutting edge IT equipment which can really enable a child’s learning journey. Many schools are also embracing the latest technology released by ParentApps. The ParentApps application allows schools to have effective communication in a way that actually reduces their carbon footprint whilst keeping in touch with parent and pupils. Everything from accessing school policies, keeping informed of extra-curricular activities, parents evenings and other key events can allow parents to have everything they need to know at the push of a button. Being confident that you can quickly see key events at your chosen school can put busy parents minds at ease.

As you can see, there is no single method for ensuring you select the right school for your child. Parents can make a shortlist based on their preferences. Once the shortlist is complete, research should then be carried out on each school. Once you have made the relevant enquiries and researched the data for that school, you should find that selecting the right school for your child is a much easier endeavour.