You may already find that costs for paper, printing and photocopying are increasing year on year especially when it comes to printing off booking and consent forms for trips, clubs and other off-site activities.

9 times out of 10 these forms don’t even make it back to parents and will remain in their children’s bags for some time. Another problem is when parents do receive these forms it’s likely that they end up being pinned up on the fridge or a notice board waiting to be filled in and returned. This can result in your staff wasting time trying to remind parents to return their forms before a certain deadline, which can prove stressful.

That’s why a mobile app from Parent Apps can feature an integrated booking form template, which can be customised by your staff quickly and efficiently for different scenarios. Notifications can then be sent to a select group of parents and direct them to the booking form that needs to be filled in. Parents can even sign up and book their children into breakfast or after school clubs too!

It’s so simple that once parents have submitted their forms through the app you’ll get an electronic copy emailed to you which means no more waiting around! You can even schedule additional notifications to remind parents to complete the form if they haven’t already done so.

If you’d like to find out more about how schools can save money by using paperless forms which can be sent via our mobile apps directly to parents then click here to get in touch today!