SBMs: How our school app can help juggle your workload

We know, as a school business manager, you’re pulled in different directions – even more so in
light of COVID; in fact, 40% of SBMs said they worked more than seven additional unpaid hours
a week during the pandemic. So, what’s the answer? How can you effectively cover multiple
functions? The answer is with a school communication app.

Let us take you through our features and how they can directly impact your working day in the
best way possible.

Keep on top of health and safety with consent forms

Healthy and safety has rightly been the focus over the last year, and with so much government guidance and policies to keep on top over, it’s not hard to feel overwhelmed.

That’s where our consent forms feature comes in. Ask parents to fill in their consent forms online and return them through the app—less paper, less manual admin, less for you to do.

You no longer need to worry about security

The app lets you send secure messages out via the app. This means you’ll cut down on paper usage (so you’ll save money), but you can also access the app securely via any device – whether you’re working from home or you’re on the move, keep up to date with communication easily.

Sending messages digitally means you can track them easier. You can see which parents have opened your message and which haven’t. Quickly resend the messages to the parents who haven’t responded yet; it’s a much more effective use of your time.

Better, quicker communication with parents 

Parents are empowered with access to your school app. And because they can access it through their smartphone, contacting teachers directly about homework or accessing important school updates is instant, making it accessible for most parents. This inevitably reduces contact time with you and the broader administration team.

We know that even when the government forcibly closes schools, your job doesn’t get any easier, even though there are fewer children in the corridors, your job continues. Why not streamline your tasks and make technology work harder for you?

Manage admin staff effectively through the app

With some staff members having to work remotely through the lockdown period, communication isn’t as effortless as it once was. Internal communication is imperative to getting stuff done, and when your colleague isn’t just across the office to problem solve with, it can feel isolating.

Within our school app, you can quickly contact all team members; whether it’s to organise tasks for the day ahead or check in with staff.

Event management is straightforward  

Our booking system means you can now seamlessly manage events. No longer will you have to add your events to your calendar manually. Instead, you can view and edit them all in the same dashboard. 

Visibility is crucial as a school business manager, and a communication app can improve visibility across all communication functions.

We save schools £3,000 a year on average by removing the need for expensive text messaging, going paperless and saving hours of admin time.

Find out how much you could save your school with our free savings calculator