Schools across the UK need to be sure they are getting the best out of their budgets all the time. Finding ways to cut costs and provide more value in their educational provision is key to any organisation that wants to optimise performance. This can involve introducing more efficient working practices or, as we see more and more in recent times, the introduction of new technology that changes the way things are done.

One of the biggest innovations in the last five or six years has been the development of smart technology such as iPhones, Android devices and tablets. According to recent research, the majority of families now have at least one of these in their households. Combined with an almost seamless Wi-Fi coverage which means we can now all communicate on the move, they have been a positive boon to individuals, organisations and businesses across the world.

The great thing about smart devices is that you can communicate easily and instantly either by text message, email, phone or push notifications. For schools, the development of dedicated apps can not only promote better communication with staff, students and parents but also has the potential to save a good deal of money.

Texting parents can cost, particularly if you have to send information out to everyone at once. There’s also the cost of printing out information and the time taken up by staff having to organise the latest updates. With a mobile app for parents, all you need to do is input the information and send out free notifications. It can be delivered immediately or scheduled for a specific time so you can better organise your delivery and free up time for staff.

Estimates suggest that schools can save thousands of pounds each year by simply switching to an easily available app that helps reduce the level of admin, handling those simple but often time-consuming jobs in a fraction of the time.

The great news is that dedicated apps for schools are becoming more popular as Heads and administrators look for new ways to innovate and save money. It works for parents because they get the information they need through push notifications and can access other important stuff when they need it. The app is free for them to download and available all the time. This also reduces the need for parents to contact a school for additional information, freeing up the time of admin staff to get on with other work.

Releasing up that additional budget by introducing something as simple and effective as a school app, can be mean better allocation of resources. Those several thousand in savings can be used to invest in new technology for the classroom or to provide educational day trips for pupils that you may otherwise have been unable to afford because of budget constraints.

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Image Courtesy of Pixabay, sourced via Creative Commons