Most schools put great communication at the heart of everything they do. Keeping in touch with parents is vital for the smooth running of any school and technology can certainly help in this respect. With so many of us using smartphones and tablets nowadays, introducing an app that keeps everyone up to date is one of the most cost-effective and powerful tools you can stay in touch at important times.

The great news is you can now see what a school app can do for you with our free demonstration. We can also build your own, dedicated app without any obligation from you to take things further.

What is a School App?

An app fits on a smartphone or tablet and can hold a large amount of information about your school from term times and special events to pupil timetables and important contact numbers. You can send notifications to parents who have the app installed (it costs them nothing to do this) so if you have to tell them that something is happening at school or give them a reminder about an event, then it’s easy to do from one central point.

Let’s take one example: Suppose there’s a big snow storm on the horizon. You can send an urgent notification to parents that you will be closing the school early. They can then arrange to pick up their kids or contact you directly if there is a problem. It takes a few seconds to do on the app and you can reach almost everyone in an instant.

How Does a School App Benefit Your School?

The main advantage is that you have better communication with parents, keeping them up to date with everything that is happening at school. We’re all increasingly under pressure with hectic work lives – a school app makes everything so much simpler for parents and schools.

You can tailor your app to the specific needs of your school and make it as hi-tech or as simple as you like. Creating your own app used to be a costly and time-consuming undertaking. With the advances in technology and the rise of the sharing economy, it’s now much simpler to get highly intuitive apps that don’t cost the earth.

A school app actually cuts down on administration expenses. You can send out a message to parents via one point, rather than having admin staff phoning around to make sure everyone is informed. You can cut down on paper and other consumables too, by moving everything into the digital arena.

Try it for Free!

One thing heads of school will be worried about is whether something like a dedicated app is right for them. We’re convinced that it is the sort of technology that can bring real and long-lasting benefits, not only improving communication but also helping to cut down running costs across the school. That’s why we’re happy to give heads a free demonstration of the power of a school app and even build your personalised app with no obligation to take it further.

That means you can see what an app can do for your school, parents and pupils. All it takes is a little bit of your time. Contact us today to book your free demonstration.