What can our Homework Hub do for your school?

We brought forward the launch of our Homework Hub to help schools during the coronavirus pandemic. Parents and students can download and submit homework, as well as live chat with teachers. It’s already helped numerous schools through the pandemic, and would benefit your school too.

How to conduct a virtual job interview for your school

Coronavirus has put a lot of processes on hold, but interviewing candidates for new job roles still needs to be done. Using video conferencing tools like Zoom enables schools to interview and onboard new staff and teachers remotely.

How to use video marketing to showcase your school

Learn more about how video marketing can benefit your school with these helpful tips and advice.

The Parentapps features that can help schools social distance

Asking children, especially young children, to social distance is a tall order. We’ve compiled the ways our school app can help teachers, students and parents socially distance through the pandemic.

Coronavirus: what has the UK learnt from Denmark’s schools?

We’re sharing some of the strategies Denmark has implemented to ensure parents, teaching staff and pupils can be confident in the knowledge their school is fully prepared.

For teachers and parents: expert stress management tips

Schools are set to reopen soon and that’s causing increased anxiety and stress for teachers, parents and children. We’ve compiled some tips to help you de-stress through the coronavirus pandemic.

Important app updates from Parentapps

Check out the latest app updates and new services which have been designed to benefit your communication with both parents and children.

5 activities to keep your kids entertained during lockdown

Keeping the children entertained during lockdown can be tough. We’ve compiled 5 fun activities that your children will enjoy and you can easily set up at home.

How teachers are (admirably!) using video to engage students

Due to school closures, teachers have had to adapt swiftly to digital learning and we’re seeing the confidence of schools and headteachers grow through digital platforms and using video to not only engage but also educate their students.

Struggling with homeschooling? Some advice from parents

We’ve shared some advice from parents on how they are homeschooling their children and juggling working from home at the same time.



Our websites are built with your staff in mind. So say goodbye to complex systems and hello to easy to use, drag and drop pages.

Bespoke Websites

At Parentapps we pride ourselves on producing bespoke websites for schools and nurseries that fully reflect their ethos. We want to give you a design that you can be proud of, so during the initial brief we truly get to know your school and really understand your specific needs, ensuring all requirements are met without sacrificing on design.

Frequently asked questions

How long does it take to build a new website?

You will be given a Parentapps Project Road Map that will detail key dates, such as picking visuals and signing off mockups. Your brand new website will be complete in 4-6 weeks.

Can we create our own custom pages?

Each part of your website is fully customisable, however we will create templates so you do not have to waste time building pages from scratch. These templates will ensure your brand is kept consistent across the website, but if you want to create a new template, or edit an existing one, you’re free to do so.

Can we add social media?

We can add your Facebook, Twitter and/or Instagram feeds directly into your school website. This will help keep users engaged with up to date information, all in one place.

Can we change the menu structure once the website has been built?

Your menu system works using a drag and drop technology that makes it easy for you to create new sections and dropdowns through the click of a button.

Can staff users have different privileges when logging into the website?

We can create different user privileges for any type of user on your site. This can vary from SLT’s, teacher, governors to students. These will work alongside any customised portals we may create should you need them.

Can you help if we get stuck?

Yes, you get UNLIMITED support from our team who can be contacted via phone or email.