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Client Reviews.

St Mary's Primary School

Working with Parentapps has been a really positive experience for us. We would recommend them to any school looking to improve their communication with parents.

St John Vianney

Since launching our app and website we have seen an improvement in our school’s communication. Parentapps were great to work with and the whole process was really straightforward.

Prescot Primary School

Parentapps provide a friendly and mystery free service. Customising and updating your website couldn’t be easier. 

Benefits of a Parentapps Website.

Ofsted Compliant

Multiple Admin Users

Parents Section

Bespoke & Responsive

Social Media

Invividual Class Blogs

Zero Downtime

Superfast Performance

SSL Security

Easy Customisable

News & Events

Staff Training

Plus much much more…

Bespoke Web Design.

At Parentapps we pride ourselves on producing bespoke websites for schools and nurseries that fully reflect their ethos.

We want to give you a design that you can be proud of, so during the initial brief we truly get to know your school and really understand your specific needs, ensuring all requirements are met without sacrificing on design.

Frequently Asked Questions.

How long does it take to build a website?

Your brand new website will be complete in just 4-6 weeks. You’ll be given a Parentapps Project Road Map that will detail key dates, such as picking visuals and signing off mock-ups, so that everything runs smoothly.

Can we change the menu structure once the website has been built?

Your menu system works using drag and drop technology, which makes it easy for you to create new sections and dropdowns through the click of a button.

Can we add social media?

Yes, we can add your Twitter, Facebook and Instagram feeds to your website. It’s a great way  to keep parents updated with your latest news.

Can we create our own custom pages?

We’ll create templates for you to use, so if you’re creating a new page you’ll just need to insert text and images. But if you’re feeling creative you can create a new design using drag and drop elements.

Can staff users have different privileges when logging into the website?

Yes we can allocate different user roles to members of your teams, ensuring staff can only update certain pages.

Can you help if we get stuck?

Yes. We’re here for you whenever you need us. You can contact us via email, live chat or by phone, as much as you need to.

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