Why MAT's Should Choose Parentapps

In this digital age, where online platforms play a pivotal role in education, it is essential for multi-academy trusts to have reliable and compliant websites that effectively convey their vision, values, and educational offerings. We will explore the benefits that our specialised website services can bring to your trust, emphasising compliance as a key aspect.

By implementing our tailored solutions, your schools can not only meet regulatory requirements but also create engaging and inclusive digital spaces that foster communication, enhance learning experiences, and promote the trust’s unity and mission. Together, let us embark on this journey to unlock the full potential of your multi-coated trust’s online presence.

By Choosing Parentapps for your MAT’s you will get alot of unique features such as

Dedicated Support Hub

Ofsted Compliance Reports

Consistent Designs

Personalised Website Sections

Sync Documents

Full Customisation*

Notifications on Edits

Website & App Integration

Full Customisation* This feature is only available with the Advanced Bespoke option.

Sync Documents

Centralise all your crucial documents within a single hub, making them accessible across all your school websites. Any updates made to a document will automatically synchronise across all your websites. This feature proves invaluable for maintaining policies, sharing newsletters, disseminating critical news, and a host of other essential purposes.

Ofsted Compliant Reports

Through our Ofsted Compliant Reports, we meticulously review all your school websites to ensure adherence to Ofsted’s requirements. In the event that any of your school websites fall short of compliance, we promptly inform you and implement the necessary changes to achieve certification.

Dedicated Support Hub

Through our Dedicated Support Hub, you gain complete access to an array of resources including video tutorials, insightful blog posts, and comprehensive tutorials. Each school will be provided with its own dedicated hub, empowering them to directly reach out to Parentapps for any necessary adjustments or modifications. Following the completion of an amendment, the school user will receive a direct email notification.

Consistent Design

We’ll craft and construct your website according to your selected design, seamlessly integrating it across all your school websites while adjusting colors, logos, and images as needed. Schools also possess the flexibility to personalise distinct sections within the website to align with their unique requirements. For instance, if one school prefers ‘pdf newsletters’ over ‘news posts,’ we can tailor this feature to suit their preferences.

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