meet the family.

Name: Kevin Clayton

Position: CEO

Favourite Class:
English and Maths were my stronger subjects but I would have to say anything sport related was my favourite. Oh and I really enjoyed home economics as it mainly involved food. My cooking skills still haven’t improved though 🙂

Best Memory of School:
Too many to mention but generally getting up to mischief. I wasn’t always the best behaved but I did always do well in exams, much to the frustration of my teachers….

How the team describes Kevin:
Kev is definitely the captain of the ship, keeping us all focused on delivering the best service and products we possibly can.

Name: Hailey Clayton

Position: Director

What do you do:
I’ve done everything from telesales to field sales, finance, and recruitment. I now manage our customer success team, ensuring we deliver the best possible service and support to our customers.

Best Memory of School:
Going to Spain with the dance teachers on a coach, we had a ball in Barcelona!

How the team describes Hailey:
The type of person you speak to on the phone and makes you feel like you’re part of the family even though you’ve never met.

Name: Kate Jones

Position: Head of Finance

What do you do:
I mostly deal with the finance/HR side of things but I also help with technical support too. I’ve always enjoyed working with technology so I’m happy to help ensure our customers get the most out of our products.

Best Memory of School:
Last day of year 11 before leaving we filled a corridor full of balloons ceiling to floor.

How the team describes Kate:
If Parentapps were a football team, Kate would be the team captain, guiding everyone in the right direction.

Name: Emil Willis

Position: Head of Creative

What do you do:
I am responsible for developing and managing all aspects of our design and creative output. With accountability for online and offline design output and commercial success of the design and creative department.

Best Memory of School:
Winning the talent contest.

How the team describes Emil:
Emil doesn’t play chess but creatively he is always thinking two steps ahead. If Emil was on the Titanic whilst it was sinking he’d find at least one positive thing to focus on and make everyone feel better about the situation.

Name: Persia Shahkarami

Position: Head of Marketing

What do you do:
Persia has a real passion for digital marketing and has really helped increase our online presence and ensuring we actively engage with our customers. She is also is an amazing multi-tasker often spinning lots of plates.

Best Memory of School:
Going on a school trip to be in the audience of Get Your Own Back and watching a teacher get dunked in gunge. 

How the team describes Persia:
Persia is super efficient and gives everything to support the team. Since joining Parentapps she has automated a lot of our processes which makes things much easier for everyone.

Name: Kira Gillespie

Position: Head of Customer Success

What do you do:
As Head of Customer Success I ensure we provide first class training when onboarding a new client. I’m also responsible for ongoing training and enjoy hosting webinars to provide practical tips on how to get the most out of our technology.

Best Memory of School:
Going to Alton Towers.

How the team describes Kira:
Your go-to-girl for anything App related. Kira knows our products better than anyone which is why her training sessions leave customers feeling confident and at ease.

Name: Kevin Wong

Position: Customer Service

What do you do:
I am responsible for providing app support and training for our schools, helping schools reach all their parents, correcting errors within school data, bug replicating and assisting the web support team.

Best Memory of School:
Joining the chess club and competing nationally in the UK Schools Chess Challenge.

How the team describes Kevin:
If a plane was going down you would want Kevin on board to keep you calm and collected, just listen to his calming voice in our recent training videos.

Name: Elliot McKenna

Position: Senior App Developer

What do you do:
I am responsible for the design and build of our school/ nursery apps and also work on the technical support team. I also account manage my own number of schools to ensure they are getting the most out of what our systems have to offer.

Best Memory of School:
Winning the sports day 100m race in primary school.

How the team describes Elliot:
Is so dedicated to his customers, he is always willing to support those having issues and will go out of his way to help.

Name: Danny Upton

Position: Digital Designer

What do you do:
My main role at Parentapps is to design and build bespoke websites that fit in with the school’s branding and values. I always strive try to be creative as possible and get a buzz out of seeing one of my creations come to life.

Best Memory of School:
Going on the ski trip with the school to France, then being hit in the head by the ski lift.

How the team describes Danny:
You’ll often find Danny with his headphones on and music blasting, this is how he gets in the zone and let his creativity shine.

Name: Daneila Tredoux

Position: Marketing / Designer

What do you do:
My key responsibility is providing website support to our users and helping them realise and benefit from the full potential of our products. Recently I have also enjoyed assisting the marketing department with social media and email campaigns.

Best Memory of School:
Once a month our Afrikaans teacher, Miss Hogan, would organise for us to have a pizza day instead of working.

How the team describes Daneila:
Super helpful, hard-working and is more than happy to support other teams and get stuck in with new tasks. The definition of a team player.

Name: Calum Lockett

Position: Product Development

What do you do:
I am responsible for the ongoing development of our Parentapps Connect app and software. I oversee the development of several projects and I’m really excited about all of our new developments.

Best Memory of School:
Scoring a hat-trick on my Y7 football debut.

How the team describes Calum:
The problem solver of the team. When a new feature request comes in Calum is the man that finds a way to build it into the system.

Name: Carmine D’Amore

Position: Senior Developer

What do you do:
I am responsible for the ongoing development of our Parentapps Connect platform. This includes bug fixes, system enhancements and designing/implementing new features that are requested.

Best Memory of School:
I travelled to Paris in 1996. The funniest moments with all my classmates.

How the team describes Carmine:
We love Carmine’s Italian charm as he’s always happy and makes us laugh. An amazing developer who’s passionate about his craft.