How attendance reporting can benefit parents

To get a well-balanced school education, pupils have to attend school consistently; that’s a given. But when they don’t, it’s important that patterns of attendance can be tracked and monitored by both school staff and parents.

In instances of unauthorised absences, clear communication between parent and school is crucial. Being able to spot patterns in attendance can help distinguish problems, helping you map out a strategy to get them back on track.


In this blog, we’re discussing the benefits of attendance reporting for parents.


Separate authorised attendance from unauthorised

Parents want to know whether their child has turned up for school. This is where a reporting feature that effortlessly and clearly separates the authorised from the unauthorised attendances can come in handy. 


This feature isn’t just handy when it comes to notifying parents of absences, but it gives them a profile that shares an attendance percentage for their year so far, so parents can feel truly included when it comes to getting a clear picture of their child’s attendance.


Parents simply click on their child’s profile to view authorised and unauthorised school absences, helping them quickly identify patterns in their attendance and to address accordingly. 


Having access to this information at your fingertips means both school staff and parents are on the same page.

Absences are split by morning and afternoon

Splitting absences by morning and afternoon enables parents to gain a more granular understanding of their child’s school attendance. Parents can quickly check whether their child might have gone home ill or simply not returned to school after lunch. 

Splitting absences by morning and afternoon can help lessen the chance that older children in secondary school leave school early, as their parents are immediately notified through the app.


This feature again allows both parents and school staff to spot any patterns in attendance behaviour. After identifying these patterns, the school and the parents can dig deeper to understand the root cause.


Note: In case you were wondering, Covid-19 absences do not affect the overall annual attendance percentage. 

A bit more about our new feature

We know how important it is for parents to access important information about their children quickly and clearly. But you don’t just want to access it, you need to be able to access it with ease, and that’s where our user-friendly design comes into play. All our features are designed to be as straightforward to use as possible. 


But if you do need help, our friendly support team is here to help.


Small design features such as using coloured dots instead of words to convey whether a child is in attendance or absent can help parents process information at a glance, which is crucial when you’re in the middle of tackling a busy day. 


Our new attendance feature sits within our Parent Apps Connect App, where it seamlessly integrates with your MIS, automatically pulling data to help you get a clear picture of student attendance.


Keen to learn more about our attendance reporting feature? We’ve also got brand new behaviour reports, too. Read all about our new features.


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