Digital change management in schools: how to onboard staff

How can you effectively manage digital change in UK schools? Change management strategies for you to try.

School Apps for Parents

School Apps for ParentsParentapps TeamBefore technological advances it was challenging for schools to communicate with the parents of pupils en masse. Until very recently even with the progression of the Internet, school communication had improved vastly but still...

Benefits of joining a Multi Academy Trust

Plenty of schools are now moving towards academy status with more opportunity to innovate and provide higher levels of teaching.

How to support children adjusting to a new ‘normal’ in a school setting

School’s out for summer! Not that the previous term was traditional schooling per se, but still, the summer holidays are upon us. Although we’re all hoping for further relaxation of COVID restrictions, it has been announced already that schools are to return in September 2020, to start their new school year.

Why is effective communication in schools Important?

While most of the work done by schools is focused educating their pupils, many head teachers realise the importance of maintaining and constantly improving communication parents.

What do schools think of Parentapps?

Our latest app updates have been well received by our current customers – particularly during the coronavirus pandemic. Throughout this period, we have continued to provide a high level of customer support remotely and ensured school’s can communicate effectively!

What will education look like after COVID-19?

Education will undoubtedly look different after COVID – it already looks different. From social distancing measures to implementing new procedures to keep staff and children safe. Although this period has been stressful for everyone across the country, some changes could be made for the better.

What can our Homework Hub do for your school?

We brought forward the launch of our Homework Hub to help schools during the coronavirus pandemic. Parents and students can download and submit homework, as well as live chat with teachers. It’s already helped numerous schools through the pandemic, and would benefit your school too.

How to conduct a virtual job interview for your school

Coronavirus has put a lot of processes on hold, but interviewing candidates for new job roles still needs to be done. Using video conferencing tools like Zoom enables schools to interview and onboard new staff and teachers remotely.

How to use video marketing to showcase your school

Learn more about how video marketing can benefit your school with these helpful tips and advice.

Struggling with homeschooling? Some advice from parents
Parentapps Team

At Parentapps, our development team is always looking for ways to improve our app offering for schools. We launched our Homework Hub a few months ago, as a result of increased demand from our current school customers. We had planned for the Hub to go live in September to kick off the new term, but re-prioritising its development and pushing it live within lockdown has proved invaluable to many schools, parents and students.

There’s no doubt it’s a challenging situation. And although many of us can spend more time with our children and relax working hours, we still hold teachers in high appreciation for the work they continue to do and how fast they’ve had to adapt to digital resources.

Most schools are adhering to a rota of skeleton staff as they stay open to cater to children of key workers. Even when teachers aren’t on the school premises, they are still working hard from their homes. They’re always figuring out new ways to help parents educate their children – whether it’s offering advice and much-needed support to individual parents or sharing new and exciting resources to keep the children entertained.

We’ve spoken with a few parents homeschooling their children and juggling work. We talk about the highs and lows and any advice they have for parents in a similar situation.

Live chat functionality

Don’t worry; parents can’t always message you asking for a live chat response! You have control over when you’re online and able to answer live chat requests. Alternatively, if you’re offline, they can opt to send you an email instead.

Live chat is a feature that has kept communication between parents and teachers reactive and connected through this period of uncertainty. Teachers can talk with parents in a forum setting or individually, allowing your school to keep every parent informed, offering help when required.

When homeschooling was sprung on parents nationwide and panic crept in. What should my child be learning? Am I teaching them the right thing? The Homework Hub enables you to take control as a school and reassure stressed parents. Our platform also gives teachers peace of mind that their children can have some form of consistency throughout the next few months.

Upload and download homework tasks with ease

The Homework Hub helps bridge the learning gap between school learning and homeschooling that so many of us have witnessed since mid-March. You can continue setting homework tasks for your students – you can set the tasks by grouping them by subject or by the days of the week.

The system is straightforward and easily accessible to parents. Parents click on the day or the subject and download the homework as a document. Uploading the homework is just as easy, parents can select the subject or the date and the year group and upload. 

If they struggle with any tasks, you can support them quickly through the live chat feature.

The Homework Hub is easily integrated

The platform can be integrated into your school website or act as a standalone page. Setup is simple, and our support team is here to guide you through every step of the Hub. We want to ensure you feel comfortable navigating the platform and fully-understand and utilise each of the features included!

How much is the Homework Hub?

The Hub costs just £99 a year – with a one-off setup charge of £299. 


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