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How your school can support parents this term

This term, nurture parental relationships. Parents can access school holiday dates and parents’ evening appointments instantly with our school app.

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Benefits of joining a Multi Academy Trust

Plenty of schools are now moving towards academy status with more opportunity to innovate and provide higher levels of teaching.

How to support children adjusting to a new ‘normal’ in a school setting

School’s out for summer! Not that the previous term was traditional schooling per se, but still, the summer holidays are upon us. Although we’re all hoping for further relaxation of COVID restrictions, it has been announced already that schools are to return in September 2020, to start their new school year.

Why is effective communication in schools Important?

While most of the work done by schools is focused educating their pupils, many head teachers realise the importance of maintaining and constantly improving communication parents.

What do schools think of Parentapps?

Our latest app updates have been well received by our current customers – particularly during the coronavirus pandemic. Throughout this period, we have continued to provide a high level of customer support remotely and ensured school’s can communicate effectively!

The Parentapps features that can help schools social distance

Parentapps Team

Asking children, particularly young children, to social distance, can be a tall order. Schools across the UK have put a lot of thought and planning into creating and implementing new procedures to keep staff and children staff, and we take our hats off to you all. It can’t be easy making changes to your school in such unpredictable circumstances.

At the time of writing this, primary schools nationwide have been told they can now open their doors. While many are opening their doors to smaller classes with fragmented playtimes, others have had to close once again due to regional infection rate spikes.

You’re doing all you can to keep your pupils feeling safe and comfortable, so how can our school communication app help you during this time?


Rid your school of unnecessary paper forms and letters

Limiting the frequency of how often you touch surfaces coupled with an increase in handwashing are both strategies everyone will have to adopt for the foreseeable future. This approach should also extend to the exchange of parental forms and school letters. You might be avoiding sending letters to parents for this reason, but communication doesn’t have to be hampered by social distancing.

Our app takes all of your parental communication online. No touching. No contamination worries. And no unnecessary administration hours.



Update parents and students remotely

With Parentapps, everything is stored on a secure database which can be accessed by staff members via desktop and mobile devices. Nothing is stopping you from effortlessly communicating with parents. Send and receive digital consent forms, parents’ evening bookings, school questionnaires and letters with ease.

As our system can be accessed off-site, staff members don’t need to leave their houses to send updates to parents and guardians. You can SMS message, email and send newsletters easily through the dashboard, so if teachers are currently on a rota, not every member of staff will be on-site Monday to Friday.

Use our gallery feature to share photos with parents

It’s a worrying time for everyone right now, and, understandably, parents are anxious about how their child is doing in school. The Parentapps Connect App enables teachers to share photos of their class with parents. This is a great way to stay connected with parents and assure them that their child is having a good time.

The gallery feature can also help reduce the number of parents contacting your teachers to check-in on their child.


The secure homework hub

To further minimise the use of paper worksheets and exercise books being passed from the classroom back home, the secure homework hub within our app can help you share homework information and set tasks from afar. The hub allows teachers to upload homework tasks for the pupils to be downloaded by the parents. 


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